What is HÄULM?

HÄULM is a concept that links Plant Biotechnology to Design. It is a plant produced in vitro and sterilized. HÄULM does not need water and was designed to be inserted in environments with demanding sanitation standards and for busy people with no time to take care of plants.

How to use HÄULM.

  • HÄULM does not need water.
  • Place in artificial light environment, in a regularly attended and illuminated place (office, kitchen, living room).
  • May contain water droplets inside the bottle due to condensation, avoid environments with significant temperature differences.
  • Keep between 15ºC and 25ºC.
  • Do not open the bottle


HÄULM has developed two products for different environments involving offices and interiors of houses. Geminus allows the re-use of the bottle and modulus allows the replacement of each plant through the acquisition of re-HÄULM.

  • Three plants in a cork holder with magnetic top. Allows you to change the plant whenever you wish.
  • Size: 22x6,5x18cm

Left side Tube Central Tube Right side Tube

  • Double glass bottle with bamboo lid.
  • Size:22x7cm
  • Tube with one plant to replace in your HÄULM modulus
  • Size: 17x3,5cm

Plants History


Often called Asparagus. It is a plant that comes from the coastal zone, near the sea and in salt areas. It is a seasonal plant, occurs from April to September. Samphireia is a succulent plant with a total nutritional value and can even replace salt in food. This plant is a clone of Samphireia from the Portuguese Coast.


We customize your HÄULM with laser printing of your logo. Excellent option as a special gift for your family, friends or company employees.



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